This is a brilliant example of a multi-room garden studio which operates as a standalone treatment centre.

This particular client was a physiotherapist, and required space for a waiting room/office, shower and toilet facilities, storage, and also a modern and spacious treatment room.

The benefit of this kind of garden room over a traditional brick building is that it can be erected and fully functional in three weeks or less, which means that business can carry on as normal as soon as possible.

The advantage of choosing Vivid Green over many of our competitors is that we offer a fully bespoke, full turnkey service, so that you can have the design match your specific needs, and we take care of everything from planning and plumbing to final touches.

Maximising space within development regulations

Garden studios (and other types of outbuildings) in England can be up to 30sqm in floor area before requiring Building Regulations Approval.

In order to Maximise space for our client, we designed the garden studio to be ever so slightly under 30sqm. It is often the case that we can create a slightly unusual trapezoid shape to make the most of available space. This is not more difficult or more expensive with Vivid Green as we offer bespoke as standard.

Despite the relatively compact footprint of 30sqm, the garden studio is bright, modern and doesn’t feel closed in.


Full size bathroom with shower

No cramped caravan style bathrooms here! The bathrooms which we install into our garden studios are pretty much exactly what you’d find in a house. Full size basins and shower facilities make this space a standalone unit away from the home, giving the therapist’s family some privacy and the client a more professional experience.


Working alongside other projects and trades

There were pre-existing plans for an extension to the client’s family home, which were to commence shortly after our build finished. With this in mind, we chose to connect the drainage to the driveway, rather than the nearest point (house) to avoid it needing to be moved when the extension building work started.

The Vivid Green team is made up of highly experienced builders and contractors who have a wealth of experience, and are able to predict these types of challenges for our clients, which saves time and money!

Internal view from single panel door.


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