Toilets and showers

Installing a lovely new building that is intended to be in use for long periods at a time can mean many trips to and from the house. We offer a smart range of white goods; whether a compact solution or a spacious suite is desired, we will design and install the perfect solution. All toilets and sinks are supplied with vanity units to hide pipework. In most cases showers are electric and all have fully tiled walls.

We can also install full toilet, disabled toilet and shower block facilities, age-specific where necessary, within the education, commercial and leisure sectors. We are very experienced in the building control requirements and are more than happy to offer advice where necessary during the design process.

Climate Control

The ultimate in cooling and heating for your studio are our Fujitsu climate control units, providing the perfect indoor temperature in your studio throughout the entire year. Along with perfect temperature control, our climate control units also reduce humidity, eliminating those sticky humid days without over cooling your room.

Heating is achieved through the use of highly efficient heat pump technology, using approx 80% less power than other forms of electric heating. The quiet yet powerful units provide rapid cooling and heating to ensure your space reaches the required temperature in the minimum time and at maximum efficiency.

Underfloor Heating

Our luxury electric underfloor heating solution is another popular choice among customers. With this in mind, we have sourced the best available system suitable for our buildings and floor covering options.

As with all our buildings, minimal heating is required, but once heat is generated your studio will retain the warmth with maximum efficiency, making it a great cost effective and cosy solution for heating your studio.

Panel Heaters

With a budget in mind, wall panel heaters are our most practical option. Perfect for heating small garden rooms and garden offices and ideal for occasional use as they provide rapid on-demand heat. A small slimline wall mounted heater, they make for an unobtrusive heating system that won’t take up too much room – and blend in well on any wall.

Our panel heaters can be fitted with timers and thermostats, with a clear LCD display which is easy to programme providing immediate heat when you need it most. A useful feature for garden offices where you don’t know your daily schedule in advance.

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