The length of time it takes to install your building will be determined by the size and difficulty of the building.

Variables such as groundworks and access may also add some time but in general, our buildings go up very quickly. The state of the art SIP construction method allows us to have the building up and weather tight in 3 days, from here we will ensure our quality materials fixtures and fittings will be installed with care and expert craftsmanship to produce your perfect spaces for life.

Below is an example timeline for a standard building

Step 1

Arrive onsite, take delivery of SIP panels and prepare foundations.

Step 2

Lay the floor and erect walls and roof. Install the roofing membrane along with a breathable membrane around the building to keep it water tight.

Step 3

Install all the windows and doors. The first fix electrics can now be fitted along with plasterboard to the ceiling and walls.

Step 4

A plaster skim can now be applied to the ceiling and walls. Externally the cedar cladding can now be installed.

Step 5

The external cladding can be finished. Two coats of emulsion can be applied to the new plasterwork along with the second fix electrics.

Step 6

Flooring can now be fitted along with skirting boards.

Step 7

Any touching up with the painting can be done, along with any finishing off anywhere around the building. The customer can inspect and Vivid Green can hand over the keys.

Please note: This example is for a typical sized installation

Should there be groundworks, access difficulties, non-standard/bespoke elements or of course the building is large, the time-on-site may increase. We will be able to give an expected completion time on most projects but it is not possible to give an exact completion date for any project. While working with the ground, it is always possible for unforeseen circumstances to delay an installation.

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