Commitment to Reducing our Carbon Footprint with the Insulated Garden Office

As a specialist garden room manufacturer, we are acutely aware of and cannot ignore the fact that buildings are responsible for half of the UK’s total carbon emissions. This understanding compels us to invest substantial time and resources in manufacturing energy-efficient, highly insulated, and environmentally friendly garden buildings, a prime example of which is our Insulated Garden Office.

We are wholeheartedly committed to building eco-friendly garden spaces, such as the Insulated Garden Office, that contribute to reducing our Carbon footprint in several meaningful ways.

Our main office and showrooms are strategically located just outside Milton Keynes, adjacent to our manufacturing site. This on-site manufacturing model is a key advantage that allows us to significantly reduce our carbon footprint, primarily by minimising the need for lengthy journeys for deliveries to and from our suppliers.

Embracing Modern Construction Methods for the Insulated Garden Office

Our Insulated Garden Office is a testament to the adoption of modern construction methods. By using Structurally Insulated Panel Systems (SIPS), we significantly enhance the structural and thermal performance of our garden buildings.

SIPs, consisting of an OSB board sandwich with a thick polyurethane (PUR) core, are one of the most thermally efficient ways to construct buildings, boasting a remarkably low U-value rating. This multi-layered construction technique not only ensures thermal efficiency but also offers a typical structural life span of 60 years, backed by a 10-year structural guarantee. SIPs are utilised in the floor, walls, and ceilings of our garden rooms, including our Insulated Garden Offices, to ensure a consistently warm environment devoid of cold spots.

Use of Certified Managed Timber Products in the Insulated Garden Office

Every piece of timber used in constructing our Insulated Garden Offices is FSC certified and responsibly sourced from sustainable forest programmes. At Vivid Green, we stand committed to using certified managed timber products that are sourced in accordance with the UK’s strict rules and regulations.

Our clients can rest assured, knowing that when they choose our Insulated Garden Offices, they are not indirectly contributing to the destruction of the world’s forests.

Green Roofs: An Exclusive Upgrade Option for the Insulated Garden Office

The living roof, or ‘Green Roof,’ is an attractive upgrade option for our Insulated Garden Office. Providing a range of functions and aesthetic appeal, this upgrade features at least 80% plant coverage, composed of 7 species of sedum plants pre-grown into the system. Blossoming from late spring to autumn, it creates a vibrant display of colours and promotes an eco-friendly habitat for pollinating insects.

Choosing to upgrade to a living roof brings numerous benefits, such as:

  • Protection from excessive solar gain during the summer months.
  • Additional insulation during the colder winter months.
  • A boost to planning permission applications, often viewed favourably by planners.
  • Enhanced acoustic performance of the building.

Please note that this upgrade option is not included as standard in our Insulated Garden Office, but can be easily added according to your preference.

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