Maximise Convenience with Garden Rooms with Toilet Access

Investing in a beautiful garden room with toilet access can be an excellent addition to your home, as frequent trips to and from the house for ‘toilet breaks’ can become inconvenient. Our Garden Rooms with Toilet facilities offer a practical and elegant solution, making your outdoor living experience even more enjoyable.

At Vivid Green, we provide a versatile range of white goods for installation in your garden room. Whether you desire a compact solution or a spacious suite, our expert team will design and supply the perfect WC to suit your needs. For other purposes such as annexes, extra bedrooms, and gyms, showers are also available for installation. Our highly skilled tradesmen will fully install any combination of these additional options. All toilets and sinks come with vanity units to conceal pipework, and showers will have fully tiled walls within. In most cases, showers are electric, ensuring energy efficiency and ease of use.

Furthermore, we can install full toilets, disabled toilets, and shower block facilities – age-specific where necessary – within the school, commercial, and leisure sectors. Our team is well-versed in building control requirements surrounding toilet and shower facilities, and we are more than happy to discuss and assist with the design process as needed. We ensure that our installations meet all necessary regulations and guidelines, guaranteeing safety and satisfaction.

Seamlessly Connecting Services to Your Garden Rooms with Toilet

When it comes to Garden Rooms with Toilet facilities, connecting water and waste services is essential for a hassle-free experience. We ensure that water is trenched to the building from the nearest connection, deep enough to eliminate the risk of freezing, and we take great care to minimise disruption to your property during this process.

Waste connections run from the garden room to the nearest source of waste removal, whether that be the nearest mains foul drain, a stack downpipe on the outside of your home, or a local septic tank. The waste pipe will be run underground ensuring building regulations are met, and our team will coordinate with building control partners to ensure necessary certificates are obtained, giving you peace of mind that your garden room meets all requirements.

Depending on the ground conditions, distance, and layout of your property, we prefer using a gravity system for waste management. However, if a gradient or long-distance connection is required, we may need to install a pump system, which is a reliable and efficient alternative to traditional waste disposal methods.

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To discuss your Garden Rooms with Toilet access in greater detail, please get in touch with our experienced team. We are dedicated to helping you create the perfect outdoor living space tailored to your needs, preferences, and lifestyle. Let us transform your garden into a functional and beautiful extension of your home.

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