Project Specification


Garden Gym and Office


9m long, 3.9m deep x 3m high


Keston park, Bromley

External Finish

Cedar Cladding



Completion Date


Embracing Fitness: Why You Should Invest in Your Very Own Garden Gym

Experience the Unmatched Perks of a Home Gym:

  • Stick to your fitness routine, without being conscious of onlookers
  • Relish your fitness routine, fostering a truly personal training environment
  • Eliminate waiting in line for equipment; with your Garden Gym, the equipment is exclusively yours
  • Experience the liberating freedom to exercise anytime you want, be it dawn or dusk
  • Customise your gym space to reflect your personality and fitness preferences, creating an inspiring atmosphere
  • Enjoy complete privacy during your workout sessions, allowing for a focused and efficient workout
  • Create memorable training sessions with your family and friends, fostering a healthy and fun-filled environment
  • No worrying about childcare during workout times; your Garden Gym is just a few steps away

Your Personal Garden Gym: A Space to Unwind, Train, and Rejuvenate

Our clients were overjoyed with their Garden Gym, using it almost every day. They cherished the flexibility, accessibility, and exclusivity of their personalised fitness hub.

The couple expressed their delight, “We absolutely adore the fact that we can choose to fully open the doors, immersing ourselves in the garden while running, or enjoy a cool workout with the AC when the doors are shut. The self-contained kitchenette is a convenient and wonderful addition. We also love the comfort of the heated floor! The aesthetics of the Garden Gym blend seamlessly with our garden, enhancing its overall beauty. Plus, the interior design is simply beautiful.”

Transform Your Fitness Journey with a Tailor-Made Garden Gym

Make your dream of a private, functional Garden Gym a reality. Enrich your fitness journey, embrace a healthier lifestyle, and transform your garden into a visually appealing and personalised workout space. With a Garden Gym, you’re not just investing in a structure; you’re investing in your well-being, health, and lifestyle. Unleash your fitness goals with a Luxury Garden Gym and redefine what fitness means to you.

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