Love Your Home & Garden with Alan Titchmarsh
featuring Vivid Green

This type of show has always been something we have been keen to get involved with at Vivid Green, and when approached by the ‘Love Your Home & Garden’ series producers back in August 2018 and asked if we’d like to get involved, we jumped at the chance!

The Low Down

‘Alan Titchmarsh – along with his team of architects, builders and gardeners are back to create another new ambitious and life-changing garden and home as they bring the outside in for an inspirational family in Swindon.

Wheelchair users Nina and Steve Parry look after Nina’s two children –  Oscar, 10 and Lexi, 6 –  but struggle with a poorly laid out living space that offers no direct connection to their neglected back garden. They can’t even see the back garden from inside – meaning the children aren’t able to play there – so the Love Your Home and Garden team come up with a radical new layout to unlock the inside and the outside for the very first time making the two spaces work together in perfect harmony. 

Architects George Bradley and Ewald Van Der Straeten and building expert Kunle Barker handle the challenges inside, bringing lots of clever ideas and some cool contemporary flare to what was a boring bungalow.   

Outside, Alan and Love Your Garden regular Katie Rushworth create a dazzling outdoor space for the whole family to enjoy.  Look out for lots of tips on creating the ultimate low-maintenance plot, and how to get pops of colour into your garden even through the darkest months.  The results stun the family and make for one of the most breathtaking make-overs the team have ever attempted.’


The Project

Nina, Steve, Oscar and Lexi required some additional outside space, that was easy to access and complimented the new garden design. Working with the ‘Love Your Home & Garden’ design team, we designed a simple corner studio that was sunken below ground level to provide level access straight into the room from the garden.

You can find the building specification below, we have an offer for you too, a replica of this building will cost you just £16,999, just click the ‘Buy Now’ button at the bottom of this page and send us your details.

The project took a total of 7 days from start to finish and we had to clear the site first. There were 2 sheds and a concrete slab to get rid of, working with the ground workers we had rid of all this in just a few hours ready for the foundation installation.

The building itself was up on the first day and weather tight ready for internal work on day 3. We built using our standard SIP panel construction, meaning the family can use the building comfortably year round.

Mr Titchmarsh himself was chuffed to bits we had good weather and was very impressed with our build system and the materials used. We had some interesting discussions about the SIP construction method, the standard finishes and particularly the Western Red Cedar cladding which he loved. 

We had originally planned to oil the Cedar cladding to preserve the colour of the timber, however after lengthy discussion Alan decided it would be too much upkeep for the family so we opted to allow the timber to silver naturally which is equally beautiful.

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Nope, it was just Alan making us all down tools for a couple of moments just to appreciate the weather gods smiling on us! Alan and Kate also got involved in the decision making and building work themselves as much as they could, and watching them filming their scenes was a real treat, they are very very good at what they do!

The result was amazing, not just the building but the whole project. To have have been involved in such a fantastic project for such an inspirational family was a real honour, and we hope Nina, Steve, Oscar and Lexi enjoy many happy years in their new home and garden!

Limited Time Special Offer

Following the show we are offering replicas of this lovely building at a special price. The price to you is just £16,999 for a limited time only. The price includes VAT, delivery, foundations, fitting and the specification you find below. Please note, there may be some items or conditions that could incur additional costs for difficult build sites or potential build difficulties for example, the most common of these can be found below the specification.

Building Spec


  • External Dimensions: 3.36m x 3.36m
  • Internal Dimensions: 3m x 3m
  • Corner glass
  • Western Red Cedar cladding
  • Composite deck step
  • uPVC French Doors x1
  • uPVC Single floor to ceiling window x1
  • uPVC Top hung opening window
  • Brushed Chrome fixtures and fittings
  • Brushed Chrome LED downlights to interior (x4) and exterior canopy (x2)
  • Digital electric panel heater x1
  • Laminate Flooring

Offer Conditions: Price is subject to site survey, should the proposed build site require preparatory work for foundation installation, or build site access is difficult, further charges may apply. Offer does not include sinking the building below ground level. Upgraded specification is available upon request at each respective upgrade’s retail price. Electrical connection from the main house to the building is not included, this can be added, or you may enlist the services of your own electrician to complete this part of the project. Although this building sits within permitted development regulations in most cases, on occasion there may be need for planning permission, we will discuss this with you and check with the local authority.

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