It's all in the details for your new garden room

With completely bespoke designs that will fit perfectly into any space in any garden, and a vast array of choices from flooring, cladding, decking, acoustic packages and even joinery colours and type, our garden rooms are altogether the perfect choice for your space to rest.

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Typical Uses: Pool House, Garden Snooker Room, Cinema Room, Garden Bar, Library, Summer House, Garden Art Studio, Garden Music Room.

Endless customisation options

Let us help you make your garden room special. The design and materials used are easily tailored to your specific requirements. We can customise your new space to your specification, in many ways including a concrete floor to support a gym, additional insulation for soundproofing or simply changing the colour of the timber cladding to suit your preference.

Our design team is on hand to advise and support – all you have to do it just ask. We would be happy to support you.

Low energy & sustainable

More and more clients are aware of the importance of sustainability and are looking for garden buildings that are practical, beautiful and eco-friendly! Our garden rooms use technically advanced materials. To name a few, double/triple efficient glazed windows and door units, green roofs, energy-efficient lighting, and very efficient insulation that retains heat in the winter and prevents overheating in the summer.

These features mean you can use your garden room all year round, whilst saving you money at the same time.

Quality assurances & guarantee

Vivid Green employs excellent craftsmanship in creating your bespoke garden building. We understand this is a significant investment, therefore, to give you peace of mind.

For added confidence in our build quality and high-quality specification, we issue a 10 Year insurance-backed structural warranty with every building, as standard. And, for our customer’s general peace of mind, our Deposit Protection allows you to feel assured that you can buy with confidence knowing your investment is in safe hands.

What sets us apart

Erected and finished in just weeks, with most buildings not requiring planning permission, you can be in your garden room much sooner than you think.

Fully Bespoke

Our advanced SIP panel construction offers the ultimate in flexible, bespoke garden rooms designed exactly to your specification.

Fully Finished

Our trusted turnkey process ensures that you are closely involved in the design and specification of your new garden space whilst minimising any risk or stress associated with a bespoke project.

Planning Permission

With most buildings not requiring planning permission, you can be enjoying your new space sooner than you think. Planning permission can be handled by us if required.

Zero Maintenance

We use high levels of insulation and soundproofing, efficient ventilation, high-quality materials and components, along with low maintenance products and finishes.

Groundwork Included

We handle many types of site clearance and foundations are included in your quotation. We mainly use galvanised steel eco-friendly ground screws, but we can also install concrete slab (raft) or concrete pad/plinth foundations where necessary.

10 Year Guarantee

It is important to us that you buy with peace of mind, that is why we issue a 10 year insurance backed guarantee with every build.

Double Glazing

With an extensive range of configurations, we can offer you a solution for your garden room joinery that’s exclusive to your garden room, including both uPVC and aluminium frames.

Smart Technology

Smart technology promises to make your garden room more convenient, more comfortable and more secure. Join the smart revolution!

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Eco-friendly and contemporary bespoke garden rooms

Vivid Green is committed to building eco-friendly garden rooms that reduce our Carbon footprint in a number of ways. Applying the latest technology, in terms of modern construction‚ by using Structurally Insulated Panel Systems (SIPS) – we maximise the structural and thermal performance of our garden buildings.

In addition, we manufacture all our buildings at our production facility just outside Milton Keynes, which is also adjacent to our main office and newly opened showrooms. One of the key advantages of manufacturing in-house means we have full control over our projects and processes, which enables us to reduce our carbon footprint – by minimising journeys for deliveries to and from our suppliers.

SIPs are one of the most thermally efficient ways to construct buildings. Constructed using an OSB board sandwich with a thick polyurethane (PUR) core – means they have a very low U-value rating. This is why we use SIPs in the floor, walls and ceilings of our garden rooms as it means there are no cold spots. As the look of your garden room is of equal importance – many variations of finishes are available.

Frequently asked questions

Can I install a toilet or shower in my garden room?
Yes absolutely. It is query we receive very regularly and the installation of water and waste connections for toilets, sinks, showers and kitchen facilities is becoming more and more regular. The standard connection option is a very traditional method, of trenching and connecting to the nearest mains foul drain and the nearest water supply. There are building control regulations we need to adhere to but this is something that we deal with for you so there is no need to worry, the connections will be all signed off and paper work provided to you to prove it.
How long is a site survey?
This will depend on the complexity of your project and your intended build site, but a survey will generally last around an hour. Our designer will walk through your plans with you, ensuring all your wishes are considered and take a look over the proposed build site to discuss any potential complications or design recommendations etc.
Can I use my building throughout the year?
Our buildings are generally more thermally efficient than an average house. The SIP construction is so well insulated that it will stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter allowing you to use it all year round. They take very little to warm up and consideration is often required to cooling, specifically which you wish to use your building as a gym.
Will my building require any maintenance?
Your building will require no maintenance at all unless you wish to oil your timber cladding. This oiling is not necessary and is a personal preference, but it will help prevent oxidisation, which turns the timber a silvery grey. Other than this though there is no maintenance required. If you want to oil your building we recommend a UV protective oil.
Do I have to do my own clearance and groundwork?
If you would like us to, we can clear site for you, and we can even complete certain groundworks. The only clearance work we cannot quote for is the removal of, or works to trees, and the removal of asbestos. Both of these objects will need specialist treatment, so we recommend speaking with, and contracting local traders for work on these parts of your project.
Will my building meet building regulations?
Yes, in every case. Whether a small one man office or a large annexe building, we consider everything and where a building requires inspection and sign off (mainly with larger buildings) we deal with it for you, engaging with the council or an approved building control contractor to provide all required paperwork.

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