Planning regulations and building regulations are different

It is actually a common misconception that planning regulations and building regulations are the same things.

Building Control, who enforce Part L Building Regulations, are in fact a completely different authority. The planning department looks at the general effect the building has on the environment and stakeholders in the area, where building control look at the building itself, its suitability, its safety and how it is constructed.

There are a few reasons why your garden room would need to comply with building regulations, for example, if your building is over 30m2 in footprint, or if it was to be sleeping accommodation, but we believe all buildings should meet such a standard and all our buildings are constructed using the same methods and materials.

Many companies will tell you that their buildings meet regulations, where in fact, they don’t really have to, buildings under 15m2 don’t have any regulations and buildings between 15m2 and 30m2 only have to be considered if they are to be slept in, or are to be installed within 1m of any boundary. If you do plan on building within 1m of your boundary don’t worry, all we have to do is construct your boundary facing wall makeup from a substantially non-combustible material, which we generally do and have done hundreds of times.

Larger buildings requiring regulations

For buildings where regulations are always present, for large garden rooms (over 30m2), extensions, annexes, school and commercial buildings, we work closely with local authorities, or regulated approved bodies.

They will inspect the project at the drawing stage, then visit the site to inspect at the foundation stage, pre plaster stage and again at the end of the project, and will provide us and you with all relevant certification proving the building meets all regulations.

The installation of waste and water can be a little different. These connections will be looked at whether you need the building inspected or not. If your building falls outside the parameters for inspection but you are installing a toilet, shower or kitchen, then the building inspector will still need to come and inspect any waste connection, they will also provide certification to confirm the connection has been made safely and meets building regulations.

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