Another example of a multi-use room! More specifically, two internal rooms in one garden room.

This client needed both a home gym, and also a quiet cinema room for the kids.

The building design was mostly the clients own and they had a very clear idea of how they wanted the building to look. This meant that the design phase was very quick!

The image below shows the slimline interior door which divides the two rooms.

Also visible is the TRX (Total Resistance eXercise) system which we installed, by reinforcing the ceiling.



Getting the light just right

The largest of the two rooms was to be a home gym, with a smaller room to the right hand side for a cinema room.

In this case it made perfect sense to have two entirely separate

rooms, as the gym required lots of light, where the cinema required as little light as possible.

In order to achieve this, small narrow high level windows were used for the cinema room to keep things dark, and large bi-folding doors in the main gym room let natural light flood in.


Energy efficient LED spotlights and plenty of flat chrome finish double sockets were installed. It’s always easier to install more than you think you might need at the beginning!


This client decided to go for a hard wearing dark coloured laminate flooring. It’s a good all round choice, but we do offer other options, including engineered wood. Check out the other options here.

Finished build

So many people worry that a modern garden room will look out of place in beautiful established gardens. We think that the opposite is often true, and this is a great example of why! Nestled amongst the trees, this Vivid Green garden gym is secluded and adds interest to the garden rather than being an eyesore.




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