This is a short and sweet case study about a 4.4m x 2.8m garden office with storage in Oxford.

The site chosen for the build was the end of a narrow courtyard garden. This is a great place for a garden office because it still leaves space to still enjoy the garden, and also creates an attractive feature from the house. In this case it also adds privacy, as it was taller than the existing fence and blocked the view of the courtyard from houses at the rear.

The only challenge we had with this build is that all materials had to be brought through the house, as there was no side access available and we needed to get creative with scheduled deliveries and material storage while the project was ongoing. Through the house access is a common hurdle to overcome, however it is usually no problem.

Maximising space with added storage

The new garden room was to be used as an office primarily, and also includes hidden storage to replace the existing shed you can see in the pre-start image. The storage area was designed on the right hand side of the building, and because the cladding is lined up perfectly between the main building and the storage door, it’s hardly even visible. This keeps the building looking smart, and is also a security benefit, as it creates a good hiding place for bikes and pinchable garden items.

Interior kept simple

Our client needed to the building to be useful year round, so opted for wall mounted heating to keep winter chills at bay. A bright high level window was added to ensure plenty of natural daylight an ventilation, and 4 double sockets were installed – plenty for various electronic office items. Including more sockets than you think you need means that there will be less wires crossing the floor, and less extension cables when you decide you need a second desk!


The finished build

As you can see the build fills the end of the garden. Double doors make the small office space feel open and airy, and on summer days our client can work with them thrown open for breezy days at work.

Laminate flooring was chosen as it’s hardwearing and cost effective.

The build took just two weeks from start to finish!

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