With a garden as abundant and beautiful as this one, sometimes ‘simply does it’.

Our client in Maidenhead, Berkshire, requested a garden room design that had plenty of glass with dual aspect that complimented the wild and natural style of their garden.

Mature gardens make fabulous backdrops for Vivid Green garden rooms, but there are occasional logistical challenges to overcome.  In this case there were several mature trees that were protected by a Tree Preservation Orders (TPO), for which the local authority required any trees within 10m of the works to have special considerations. The client made an application to the council, who specified that the new garden room must be at least 5.5m from any of the protected trees. This is usually considered an adequate distance to protect tree roots.

A distance shot to show how a contemporary building can fit well within a ‘wilder’ looking landscape. The dual aspect and the angle of the garden room allows the client to enjoy full view of the garden. Our finished build photos show the garden going to sleep for winter, but we cannot wait to see updated snaps of the garden in full bloom in the summer of 2019!

The original location for the building would have required branches to be removed, and so the final location differs slightly from the original plan. Some work was still required on the trees, although the change of location minimised this, which saved costs and time – like all good plans should!

Although in this case the client made the TPO works application to the local authority, Vivid Green offer a full turnkey service, and are experienced at handling these types of applications on a client’s behalf. If you’re unsure, drop us a line and we’ll pop out and do a free site survey!

The footprint of this Cedar clad building is 6m x 3.1m, and it stands at 2.5m high, keeping it within the permitted building regulations. No further planning permission was required, and we were able to complete the build in just under three weeks. Find out more about planning permission here.

Bespoke anthracite grey aluminium framed windows and doors allow for the maximum frame to glass ratio, and LED downlights flush to the ceiling save space and create a modern feel. A wall mounted heater will keep the garden room cosy and inviting throughout the cooler months. Read more about climate control options here.

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