Project Specification


Summer Family Room


4.26 x 4.26



External Finish

West Red Cedar Cladding

Completion Date

July 2018

Creating the Perfect Garden Summer House Design Tailored to Your Needs

When designing this garden summer house in Waterlooville, precision was of utmost importance. The space needed to fit within the confines of a recently landscaped garden, with the dimensions being set at 4.28m x 4.28m to align with the garden’s layout. Our team collaborated with the landscaping team to ensure the garden summer house was positioned perfectly, taking into account factors such as sunlight exposure, accessibility, and privacy.

Before we began construction, the landscapers prepared the site by building a level concrete base. This ensured a stable foundation for the garden summer house, allowing for a more efficient construction process and a longer-lasting structure.

The client’s vision was to create an “inside-out” feel, where the garden summer house would serve as a new family chill-out area that embraced the outdoors. This influenced the positioning of the windows and the decision to forgo decking. The idea was to create a seamless transition between the interior and exterior spaces, fostering a sense of unity with nature and encouraging outdoor living.

Innovative Design Features for a Garden Summer House

To achieve a seamless design, we installed corner windows to open up the space and make the garden feel like an extension of the interior. The absence of decking allowed the garden summer house to spill directly onto the landscaped surfaces, creating a sense of floating space and promoting a more immersive outdoor experience.

The garden summer house was also equipped with underfloor heating to maximise wall space, minimise clutter, and ensure year-round comfort. This design choice complemented the modern landscaping, making the space perfect for hosting memorable BBQ events or simply relaxing in style throughout the year.

Endless Possibilities Offered by a Garden Summer House

The construction of this garden summer house in Waterlooville was incredibly rewarding, as the landscaping team opted for sustainable Western Red Cedar for the outdoor kitchen area and a “floating” water feature. These three elements – the kitchen, garden summer house, and water feature – created a harmonious and visually stunning outdoor space that provided a truly unique setting for relaxation and entertainment.

The best view of the garden can be enjoyed from the outdoor kitchen, with the garden summer house serving as a captivating backdrop. Who wouldn’t want to spend their summer days in such an inviting and stylish outdoor oasis?

Exterior day view of a small Vivid Green garden office with anthracite grey aluminium framed bi-fold doors with a trampoline to the left of the office and grass garden and steps in the foreground.

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