Project Specification


Music Studio


4,300 Sq M



External Finish

Cedar Cladding


Standard Package

Completion Date

August 2019

Superior Acoustic and Soundproofing Solutions for Your Garden Music Studio

During the initial survey, our team encountered several challenges, including logistical difficulties due to the garden’s limited access. All materials and equipment had to be transported through the main house to reach the back garden, where the garden music studio would be constructed.

Furthermore, the rear garden presented a steep incline, adding complexity to the building process. To make matters even more challenging, the client had recently welcomed a newborn baby into their home, amplifying the importance of minimising disruptions during the construction process.

Customised Garden Music Studio – Delivered with Expert Guidance

To meet the client’s specific needs, the design and build of the garden music studio had to reflect its intended use and accommodate a professional setup.

Our team specified and installed our Premium Plus Acoustic package, which featured bespoke corner traps – a first for us! These custom-designed elements were incorporated to provide optimal soundproofing and acoustic benefits, making the space suitable for both domestic and commercial use. Our acoustic products are ideal for various applications, including recording studios, home cinemas, listening rooms, and mixing studios.

Understanding the client’s desire for a comfortable working environment all year round, we installed a Smart Air Conditioning solution. By integrating smart home technology with the air conditioning system, the client can conveniently program the system for enhanced control and optimal comfort levels while working in their garden music studio. With this custom-built space, our client now has a dedicated, professional-quality studio right in their own garden, allowing them to work and create without limitations.

Exterior front view of a Vivid Green, western red cedar clad, music studio space in a back garden featuring an athracite grey door and window with the main house reflecting in the glass

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