A major benefit of choosing Vivid Green for your Garden Room is our decades of experience in designing, quoting for and building bespoke solutions for our clients. We are often asked to quote alongside competitors, and more often than not are able to provide tweaks to improve visual design, practicalities and cost effectiveness.

In this case, our client in Northampton had been given a quote from another garden room company which was far more expensive (over £10K!) and also not suitable for the available site space.

Vivid Green put together a brand new design based on the clients original brief, for a bright, contemporary and functional therapy room space to sit on the top tier of a three tiered garden.


Dual aspect

Our solution was a corner glazed studio with sleek sliding door. In sites where there is limited space between the studio and a potential drop, or another unchangeable garden feature, sliding doors provide a neat, space saving solution.

Slim framed full length windows set adjacent to the sliding doors provide heaps of natural light and an open view of the rest of the garden.

Interior view of the dual aspect windows. Chrome light switches, sockets and LED downlight were chosen to add to the contemporary feel.


A self contained work space

The inclusion of a compact WC/toilet room allows the therapy room to be a standalone space from the house, providing the family with privacy and the clients visiting the therapy room a more professional experience.

Below is a panoramic shot of the interior shows the position of the WC room. Vivid Green provide a full turnkey service including all internal and external plumbing. This site provided a very specific drainage challenge, as the building was on the top tier of three tiers – however our talented engineers designed a bespoke solution which involved neatly channeling cables and waste pipes through two retainer walls.

Finishes, fixtures and fittings.

Laminate floor was chosen as it is hard wearing and cost effective. Modern laminate is so well constructed that it’s often indiscernible from real wood, totally unlike the cheap looking laminates that were available decades ago.

An infra red sensor was added to the exterior of the building which enables the security lighting,

A simple wall mounted heater was added for year round warmth, and two horizontal high level windows were added for ventilation – one in the main therapy room and one in the WC.


The final build on the top tier of the garden

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