Living in a flat and playing an instrument (or being a heavy metal enthusiast), don’t often go peacefully hand in hand.

Thankfully this particular client in Wimbledon had done some research and decided that a Vivid Green garden room with Premium Plus Acoustic Package would provide a comfortable place for practice where he could feel confident that he was not upsetting the neighbours. 

In a Premium Plus Acoustic Package building, the SIPS panels used to construct the building are lined with a double layer of acoustic plasterboard, which are also filled mineral wool that absorbs sound vibrations. The ceiling consists of sound block plasterboard and the floor consists of acoustic underlay.

Considerations are also made to installation of sockets, switches and lighting – as the more openings that are made in the acoustic plasterboard, the less efficient it becomes at blocking sound. For this reason, wall mounted switches and sockets are used rather than more common inset ones, and set of four spotlights on a track were installed rather than inset spot lights which require multiple large holes to be drilled into the ceiling.

The weakest point in any soundproofed room is always the glass. For this reason the design chosen has minimal glass without making the room seem dark. In addition to this, the glass we used was special acoustic glass – a type of double glazing which has an inner glass thickness of 6mm and an outer glass thickness of 4mm.

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Maximising internal space

To ensure the best use of space, the building was an irregular trapezoid shape, following the line of the garden’s perimeter fence.

The external dimensions were finalised at approx 3.5m x 2.75m with one shorter side. See 2D dimension plan below.


This particular client lived in a flat, and so did not benefit from having permitted development rights that they would if the property were a house. This meant that they had to seek full planning consent for a garden building that wouldn’t normally require it. On this occasion the client had already obtained permissions, however Vivid Green can also provide a full turnkey service, and are highly efficient at getting the planning sorted on your behalf – including all of the drawings that would normally require costly help from an architect.


A warm, modern and sustainable Thermowood cladding was used to finish the building.

The build took just three weeks from start to finish.

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