Our client in Southampton is an artist, in need of a bright and comfortable space to work in away from the family home.

This building design evolved from an initial plan to extend a garage, into a standalone artist studio building. Often, our clients’ have a very clear idea of what they like or need from their garden room, and other times we are able to improve on a clients’ idea by suggesting something they hadn’t considered.

After our site survey and consultation, we proposed that it would be much more functional and attractive to install a standalone building in the corner of the garden (see below) rather than extend the garage.

The chosen site for the artist studio, pre build. Note the various levels of ground.


The garden was on several levels – nothing extreme, but it did mean that we had to do some preparatory ground work to ensure the building could sit in the right position, and look like a neat design element of the garden rather than ‘plonked’ in. ┬áThankfully access was simple through a side gate, which made removal of hardcore and other garden waste simple.

In keeping with the house

We recommended a fresh, clean looking white render rather than timber cladding, so that the new artist studio matched the house. Check out available finishes available here.

This picture below shows our clients home from the front with white render.

The white render which inspired the choice of finish on the garden room.

Angles and light

Light flooding in from all angles – believe it or not, this picture was taken in February. Artists favour a neutral all-round light, and this is a great solution.

Choosing where to put the windows wasn’t hard in this case. We included plenty of glass to let natural light flood in, and positioned the doors onto the existing patio for ease of access.

Both a skylight and narrow high level windows were installed, as artists favour light from above, and it would also ensure as much natural light as possible throughout the day and seasons.

Client feedback

“The team was excellent from start to finish; the assessment of the job was carried out carefully and my requirements considered, however small. The process was unhurried so that I had time to consider and ask questions; indeed until I was happy with the finally agreed spec. A date for the start of the build was given to me and adhered to. The assessor came on the first morning to introduce me to the building team, who proved to be excellent. They worked hard in all weathers, were efficient, polite and considerate. They were self-motivated and proud of the completed job, which was also good. The final look of the building has fulfilled my expectations. I am well satisfied and am very happy to recommend Vividgreen to all potential clients.”

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