Sometimes you need a garden room to fulfil more than one function. In this case our client needed space for a gym, an office work space and also an area for relaxation. Here’s the lo-down on how we created a functional and beautiful multi-use garden room. This room was 7 x 4.6m and was built in February 2018 – through snow and rain! The project was completed in three weeks.

One of the many benefits of working with Vivid Green is that we are able to produce bespoke interiors. For this garden room in Tunbridge Wells we included a half height wall as a neat way of dividing up the space without creating ‘closed’ rooms. This provided an open and airy workspace at the rear of the room, with great views out into the garden, whilst retaining a sense of separation from the relaxation and gym areas. Equally, from the relaxation area, the office area was smartly hidden, enabling the client to shut off at the end of the working day.

A half wall gives more potential sites for power sources, too. Meaning that the office space can be set out and changed effectively with minimal cables. Three sets of double power sockets were installed. More than enough for multiple computers, printers, Wifi points etc.

  • Behind half wall – Office
  • Infront of bi-folding doors – Relaxation area
  • Section to the right – Gym with hidden storage

Planning and head height

The bespoke element of the project didn’t stop with the half height wall.

In order for the gym space to be used effectively for overhead work, the ceiling height of the studio needed to be 2.3m. In order for the building to remain within permitted development regulations, we dug down 150mm to sink the floor of the building to give more internal height. You can see from this picture that the internal floor of the garden room is very close to being level with the garden, whereas in most other garden room builds there is a step up into the room. This is also a great solution for anyone needing a room with easy wheelchair access to a garden room.

Finishing touches

On this occasion the client wanted a very specific type of external cladding, so rather than supply our cedar or Thermowood, we helped them to source the perfect cladding for the project. The result was an attractive rustic feel with an interesting texture.

Sleek aluminium frames for the bifolding doors and full screens were complimented with the brushed stainless steel external socket covers.


Power sockets were installed in the floor of the gym area. These are a great addition where gym equipment or machinery are to be installed.





 Simple LED downlights were fitted to keep the interior simple and a hot/cold climate control unit to make the building comfortable year round.

These high level mounted units climate control units are also smart way of saving wall space, and ensure that in this case a large room is heated/cooled evenly despite this room being divided by a half height wall.


Hidden storage

Hidden storage is a fantastic way to ensure that replacing a garden shed doesn’t result in loss of useful storage space. Plus, it’s much more attractive! In this picture below, the storage is shown to the right hand side of the glass screens.


Client feedback

“From the time that we contacted Vivid Green to the time that they left the site, the building team and everyone associated were super professional. We are delighted with the end result and would recommend them to anyone.”

How can we improve?

“I am really struggling to find anything to suggest.”

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