If you thought that SIPS (Structurally Insulated Panel System) structures were for standalone garden rooms only, think again. At this home in Kent, we extended our clients’ house with a permanent SIPS home extension in just three and a half weeks. If you’ve been considering a home extension for a while, but don’t want the mess of extensive groundworks, concrete foundations and weeks of brickwork, a SIPS home extension could be perfect.

How did we do it?

The extension was to replace a very old conservatory that was too hot in summer and too cold in winter. Our client wanted the extension to feel like a real part of the family home, and to be comfortable year round.

Before installation could commence, we had to remove the existing conservatory, including the existing concrete slab foundation, liaise with a local builder to ensure an existing drain was routed correctly to outside the footprint of the new building, and also remove existing windows from the main house (that we actually reused). This all provided us with a blank canvas to start the SIPS extension installation.

Pre build

The old conservatory which we removed to make space for the new SIPS extension.

The client brief

The main requirements were 2 fold, the desired extension needed to be as big as possible, while keeping within permitted development regulations, and we were to create a new, light and bright building to match the existing house as well as we could in terms of external aesthetics.



We achieved the ‘light and bright’ element of the client brief by including two large skylights, a double side window (which was actually part of the original house – you can see it on the first picture pre-demolition to the left), glass patio doors and two full length windows either side of the patio doors. Climate control was installed to heat and cool the new building as necessary. We also knocked through to the utility room to create a doorway, as you can see on the left above.

The finished build


5.6m x 4m x 2.6m high
2 x skylights
Climate control
White render finish
Building control certification

Client feedback

We initially looked at a traditional brick built extension, but after talking to a friend about modular buildings, we started looking at this type of structure.  After quite a few enquiries with other companies, we were fortunate to make contact with Vivid Green who were very informative and came out to discuss our needs, which other company’s didn’t offer.  Although for us this was a new initiative and not the normal method of build, we were impressed with the design, actual construction and the short time frame involved. From start to finish there were no issues and we were totally amazed at the speed in which our old conservatory was taken down, removed and the new structure put in place.  The high standards of vivid green and the attention to detail were second to none and we were kept fully aware at all times what was happening. We are absolutely delighted with our new “living room” it’s amazing; it’s bright, warm and so functional. I would definitely recommend vivid green without reservation. I cannot rate them more highly