There are no excuses for missing a workout when the gym’s at the bottom of the garden!

We are fortunate enough to have some interior shots from our client which were taken after their gym equipment was installed in the garden studio.

A garden gym requires different design considerations to an office – flooring types and climate control are two examples.

To provide extra height for overhead workouts, we designed the building to be 2.85m high. This did mean that we had to seek planning permission, as permitted development regulations are limited to 2.5m. Vivid Green handled the planning process on behalf of the client without any bother.

Vivid Green installed the ceiling bars (reinforced and suitable for use with TRX). These are much easier to fit at the point of build, so that we can make sure they are supported enough.

The two flooring types are clearly visible in this photo. A softer rubber gym flooring in the weights area, and a hard laminate flooring where the aerobic equipment is situated. Any combinations of flooring are possible! The high spec climate control unit is also visible on the rear elevation, to the right of the mirrored wall.

LED downlights keep the ceiling clear for overhead work, and these are all on dimmer switches, so that various types of ambience can be created for different work outs. Evening yoga anyone?

The trapezoid shape of the building was chosen to maximise floorspace within the gym, whilst making the most of the garden space available.

The finished gym. A crisp white render gives the building a modern feel, and it is finished with chrome up and down lights.


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