Project Specification


Garden Smoking Room



External Finish

Larch cladding with overhang



The benefits of bespoke garden rooms

A space for… smoking! Smoking remains a matter of personal choice – our client wanted a garden room away from the house, specifically to escape from the hassle of modern-day life with a cigar in a space specifically designed for relaxation. We all have our vices!

The majority of garden rooms can only be delivered and build in standard sizes, but there are occasions when a specific size will only work. Vivid Green garden rooms can be made to any shape or size and because they are manufactured off-site, they can be delivered to locations where access could be a problem for others.
In this case, Vivid Green created a custom-sized garden room that makes full use of the space available and within the limitations of the garden area. This stylish garden room was constructed within just a couple of centimetres of an exterior wall (shown left) and importantly, within the existing landscape of the garden. This relatively tight space left just enough space to construct the smoking room!

To complete the design, the client also requested a built-in seated area and television to relax in whilst enjoying a cigar… and whatever the client wants, the client gets!

Unique installations and finishing touches

This build is a great example of the benefits of bespoke – with unique finishes such as the larch overhang covering the composite decking to the entrance.

One of the more unique requirements were a ‘humidor’ – is a humidity-controlled box or room used primarily for storing cigars, cigarettes or pipe tobacco – was also installed within the seating area to store the clients’ cigars and keep them cool.

In addition, there was the installation of an Air Purification System. The Air Purification systems consisted of a normal climate control unit heat extractor and an air filtration system that sucks smoke-filled air out of the room, cleans it – and pumps filtered air back in. This system can be used in any Garden Room or Garden Office to make for a cleaner and more pleasant environment. The result has offered the client; the perfect place to sit and enjoy smoking, away from those not so fond of a smoke.

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