‘Bijou’…adjective: small, little, compact, snug, cosy.

This really is the perfect spot from which to enjoy the garden, come rain or shine.

Our clients in Guildford had spent many years making the garden of their family home into a retreat, so this garden studio is the jewel in the crown.

The simple design features solar reflective glass on the front, which reduces the impact of solar gain on the internal temperature of the building.

Fully fitted aluminium blinds were also included to provide privacy, security and to keep the room cool in the summer. They are also a neat way of saving space where traditional curtains can be bulky and look out of place.

This animation shows a small window to the rear of the building, which has been included to improve ventilation and air flow on warm days. (This animation shows bifold doors, and in the end our client opted for more traditional style double doors).

Ready to build

In years gone by the space used for the new garden studio was home to a green house, which left behind a very convenient concrete base for us to use as a foundation. The new studio was to be slightly larger than the existing base, and so additional foundation support was created using our innovative mess-free screw foundations.


The front, left and right elevations were clad in sustainable Western Red Cedar, whilst the rear was clad with non combustable cement particle board as it was very close to a boundary. This also saves costs, and is invisible from the garden.

Garden friendly

The sides of the building were kept simple and without any extended decking in order to leave as much space as possible for existing flower and vegetable beds. Perfectly proportioned so not to dominate the existing garden design, too!

A useful external double power socket was added which is super handy for lawn mowers, hedge trimmers and other equipment.

Rest assured

This job actually landed at Vivid Green because our client had been let down by another organisation at the 11th hour. They were particularly happy coming to us because of our participation in the IWA deposit protection scheme and 10 year insurance backed guarantee with every build. Find out more about IWA here.

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