Sponsored by the AECB, itself a great source of information and a set of green building standards, this site is well on its way to examining every element of buildings and providing relatively objectives assessments of their benefits both in use and manufacture. Well worth looking at even if you are only buying floor coverings.

Several of the green building stores have useful information as well as selling materials for self builders. Try any of these:

Unbiased advice on renewable energy options is less easy to find and my advice is to invest as much as you can on insulation before considering any renewable sources of energy. The technology which is most likely to give you a decent payback is solar water heating. If you have a really well insulated house then you might even be able to use the water for space heating. You will need a back up source of heating for the Winter and there is a wide range of wood burning stoves with back boilers if you are determined to live off grid.

If you do go for solar water heating, there are lots of companies claiming to know what they are doing but be very wary. Try these sites:


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